Welcome to Skills Future Education

Skills Future Education Vietnam is established in 2018 and is one of the leading training, higher education and consultancy firms today.

At Skills Future Education Vietnam, you will have access to leading courses and content through our partnerships with universities in Vietnam and across the globe. In an increasingly competitive global market, it is critical to be trained to the highest standards. In addition, our dedicated and experienced team of Vietnamese and Singapore lecturers are always ready to help and share their experiences and knowledge. This is to ensure that training is relevant to the market and our students are ready to face both present and future challenges.

Skills Future Education Vietnam provides a variety of courses designed to meet the needs of learners in Vietnam and help them to pursue a better future. We also strive to meet the needs of corporate groups in engaging and maximizing the potential of their human capital to better compete in a global marketplace. We provide the following types of training :

I. Short Courses

Short training programmes provide necessary knowledge and skills from multiple outlooks to generate the most efficient results that enable one to adapt and fill the needs in the 21st-century workspace.

II. Job-specific Courses

Job-specific courses are designed to provide relevant knowledge and skills to help learners serving their jobs better. Courses can be customised and contextualised to address needs according to the learner’s or organisation’s industry.

III. Stackable Modular Courses Towards Higher Education Qualifications

An accelerated pathway for continuous learning to reach your goal where everything you learn in Skills Future Education Vietnam will lead you to higher possibilities. Programmes include:

Advance Diploma in Service Management

Bachelor of Arts awarded by Bath Spa University

Our Clients

    • Some of our corporate clients include Elite Technology JSC.
    • Technova Co. Ltd, I-Flex, Flextron, VWin, Carex.
    • DigiPro, I.P.L, VHT.

Our approach

We strive to maximise human potential through applied knowledge, best practices and innovative mind-sets. By developing innovative content and methodologies, we make learning relevant to your needs.

Our Trainers

David Johnson

Business Consultant – Trainer

Mrs. Chi Tran

Master of Business & Finance Columbia Southern University – Bachelor of Ho Chi Minh University of Laws

James Siew

Trainer and Developer

James Ang

Digital Transformation Leader – High-Performance Team Builder