Skills Future Education

“What do 21st-century working skills need from us? ”

“What working skills do the 4.0 digitalization age require from us?”

These are difficult questions because we are facing to diversity in the global economy. The worker is not only competing in domestic but also the other country in the area. Besides, the investors and business owners need trusted labour resources, have the ability, bravery, and high-self-discipline to develop the company.

Skills Future Education Viet Nam established with a passion to bring top-notch skills training programs with “WE COACH, WE TRAIN, WE GUIDE” slogan to express our responsibilities for businesses and individuals. Our mission is to standardize training programs with content and skills according to regional and international standards.

Specifically, we connected to introduce the WISC – Workforce International Skills Certification, which is a standardized framework for labour capacity that need to be equipped through cooperation with the Ascendo Singapore Training Institutes and First Media Academy. Experienced Singapore lecturers together with top Vietnamese lecturers will bring the WISC certificate to other generations of lecturers and the qualified workforce in Vietnam.

Skills Future Education Company is very pleasure to bring businesses for training projects:

  • About the courses of WISC :

+ Productivity work

+ Manage project and risk

+ Leadership

+ Media & Design

+ Analyst and understand data with Microsoft Power BI

+ Apply Information Technology to develop business

  • Manage service preeminent
  • Start a business
  • Finance & accounting in start-up

We operation with 4 core values:

  • Wisdom
  • Integrity
  • Synergizing
  • Creativity

To realize our mission and vision, Skills Future Education with lectures, experts are full of enthusiasm from Vietnam and Singapore willing to share, to guide learners. Through training activities and combine with reality to develop knowledge and experience, experts can diagnose the problem of what business is facing and find solutions to help learners have the opportunity to rub with the real environment and willing to face more challenges in recent jobs and future..

Our Trainers

Le Duy Quang

Senior Business Advisor/Consultant

David Johnson

Business Consultant – Trainer

Mrs. Chi Tran

Master of Business & Finance Columbia Southern University – Bachelor of Ho Chi Minh University of Laws

James Siew

Trainer and Developer