Mission and vision


Transforming lives and communities by preparing the workforce of the future


To be a premier education and training institute, committed to maximizing the potential of every learner and equip them with the values, knowledge and skills to be career ready in the future economy

Integrity We act with integrity, building lasting relationships with our learners, our community and each other.
Determination We act for a better future for all and through hard work and determination, this can be achieved.
Collaboration We value diverse opinions of others and foster deep collaborative relationships with our learners and partners to better understand their needs.
Honour We will act with honour and be guided by good conscience all our actions to build an institution that our learners, partners and ourselves will be proud to be associated with.
Transparency We believe transparency is critical to building relationships of trust and commit to open and honest communication with all learners and partners.
Community We are dependent on the communities in which we operate and who rely on us. We are committed to actively contributing to the community and encourage our learners to do the same.
Learner Centeredness We remember that learners are central to our mission and promote the learners’ voice. Our work is guided by a commitment to their holistic development and learning.