Essential selling skills

Course Outline

Part 1: Selling Skills

  • Getting Motivated
  • Preparing to Sell
  • Dealing with Customers
  • Making a Successful Sale

Part 2: Persuasive Skills for Sales Professionals

  • Vital Communication Skills
  • Barriers to Business Communication
  • Behavior Focused Persuasion Techniques
  • Power Persuaders Toolkit
  • Persuasive Presentation Skills
  • Managing Difficult Situation


Objective Course

  • Be confident with the pressure sales
  • Choose a positive attitude to overcome sales difficulties
  • Know how to plan and actively find new sources of customers
  • Have an active mindset in developing a sales career
  • Understand the professional consultation process
  • Communicate flexibly and convincingly
  • Overcoming customer rejection and comparison
  • Understand how to close sales

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