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Knowing that the business road has never been easy, but the spirit of innovation and start-up is always nurtured in each person. For recent grads, working at a startup is a wonderful way to acquire experience and continue learning while doing real work in a dynamic environment. For experienced professionals, swapping from a corporate business to a startup is usually the best way to break years of routine, get new goals, regain passion and continue growing by using your knowledge to help create something new.

This course discovers the key elements of starting and running one’s own business. These include: What are one’s businesses, products, target customers? What is one’s starting costs and other starting needs? Who is one’s ideal customer? What is the best way to reach one’s potential customers? How to find and attract investors? Etc. Learners will go through a series of experiential learning activities designed to help them navigate through critical decisions in the process of starting a business and more importantly, to shape one’s entrepreneurial mindset.


After completion, learners can perform:
1. Understand the risks and rewards of having one’s own business.
2. Know the basics necessary to succeed in business.
3. Understand the target market and how best to reach them.
4. Know the best ways to present one’s business to investors.
5. Know how to build the best team to help run one’s business.

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