An organisation needs to stay on the path of continuous improvement in order to remain competitive so they embrace leaders who are futuristic in approaching business challenges and demonstrating the application of organisational values, behaviours and governance priorities in all their actions. These leaders can plan strategically, communicate visions effectively and manage the process smoothly until business goals are all met.

Fundamentally, we understand that the art of leadership is key to improving the value of the business by keeping a balance between organizational strategy and corporate governance policies, and will help you on the journey to achieving it through developing your Workplace Skills (WPS),Personal Management And Development Skills (PMD), Analytical, Conceptual And Evaluative Skills (ACE), Job Safety Skills (JS) and Interpersonal Skills (IP).


After completion, learners can perform:
1. Identify and facilitate innovation in the workplace.
2. Utilise the culture of change in the organisations.
3. Identify potential risks that may jeopardise change initiative.
4. Discover strategies that overcome failures of change initiatives.
5. Capitalise on change and its impact on behaviours.
6. Build productive workplace relationships through effective communication.
7. Develop strategies for managing conflict.
8. Assess current capabilities of team members and how to craft developmental plans for them.
9. Develop a potent team plan.
10. Craft an effective communication strategy for all your stakeholders.
11. Develop an appropriate method of providing feedback to team members and master the art of communication
12. Master the art of communication through feedback.
13. Link business strategies to implementation through communication.
14. Utilise his or her Emotional Quotient to create win-win situations during negotiations.

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