Train the Trainer

Workforce Framework WISC and Train the Trainer

WISC (Workforce International Skills Certification), the workforce framework that is encouraged by the Singapore government to develop and introduce to the world, is drawn from valuable knowledge and experience from experts, helping to standardize the workforce framework based on scientific and pedagogical way which teaching methods to apply knowledge to reality working

“Train the Trainer” is program is designed for lectures learn content and WISC method, includes 2 main parts:

  • Facilitator: Teaching method and guiding learner to understand and sense. Facilitator will not have WISC certificate, but the lectures will learn teaching skills to prepare teaching method instead of teaching normally.
  • Contents is standardized according to Framework WISC to understand teaching content. Lectures will learn the specific subject and get WISC certificate to catch the structure of content, approaching method and lead learners, can apply the teaching method in the work environment

After completing the course, there will have activities to evaluated and interviewed online before getting a WISC certificate. Besides, lectures need to provide necessary information such as letters of introduction to the lecture, location work, and personal information as email, phone number,…

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