Skills Future Education Vietnam is pleased to bring the training program associated with Ascendo Training Institute and First Media in Singapore along with the Workforce International Skill Certification (WISC) to introduce into the Vietnamese market. In the context of fierce competition among businesses in the 21st century, the WISC training program will bring useful knowledge content and teaching methods that incorporate deep practicality by the enthusiastic and experienced lecturers from Vietnam and Singapore. We are pleased to bring to you the most suitable and quality courses.

WISC Competency Framework Singapore

WISC (Workforce International Skills Certification), a framework of labor competencies encouraged by the Singapore government for development and introduction to the world, is drawn from valuable knowledge and experience from experts, helping to standardize the scientific and pedagogical skills with teaching and learning methods through experience and perceptions to apply knowledge to work practice.


WISC certification has the following four core values:

  • Wisdom
  • Integrity
  • Synergizing
  • Creativity

The goal of applying the Competency Framework according to WISC certification

Standardization of content according to WISC Competency Framework

Standardize teaching and learning methods according to WISC competency framework, combining practice, bringing practice into theory to create perceptiveness and absorption for learners.

Received by WISC, with international value.

With a team of Vietnamese and Singapore lecturers with extensive experience operating in domestic and foreign enterprises, we aim to bring top quality training to organizations, businesses in the country and the region. field.

Mr. Le Duy Quang – Senior Business Advisor and Director of Ascendo Training Institute in Vietnam, who will directly coordinate the WISC program. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of content development and training for businesses, Mr. Le Duy Quang is one of the ancient trees that has led many generations of Vietnamese trainers. Mr. Le Duy Quang has contributed directly to training personnel for more than 100 major corporations such as Canon, Vinagame, LG, Samsung, FPT, BIDV, Unilever, Nissan, Cocacola, Agribank, ..

“Quality always comes first” is the working motto of Mr. Le Duy Quang during his training years. For him, human resource is the key factor that creates great success for the business.

That is also the working motto of SkillsFuture Education Vietnam, we always strive to bring to you the top quality training, international standards. The success of your business is the pride of our company.

We are pleased to welcome you!

                                                   Best regards,

                      Skills Future Vietnam Training Company Limited