Training program Overview

We introduce to Programs

  1. We introduce to Enterprises skills courses with content and methods according to the WISC competency framework – in partnership with Ascendo Training Institute Singapore. The courses approach students with modern methods with highly effective lessons.
  2. We also offer WISC skills training for students preparing to graduate, which is delivered through collaboration between schools and direct WISC.
  3. We link with college and university for the HOSPITALITY & TOURISM industry. We introduce to 12th grade students and universities to study between Vietnam and Singapore, and then students will receive high transfer opportunities and diploma in Sweden.

Career opportunities

• Training programs are designed by business inquiries and its operations, it is practical and helps learners with their career opportunities

• The business network and partners across multiple markets will support learners the internship and case studies

• Equip learners the necessary skills to fit into various working environment and styles.

Training program Overview

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