Sale & Marketing in Hospitality


Hospitality is about being one step ahead – understanding what people want before they even know what they want. In tourism, guest(s) engage in traveling to popular destinations where they want to experience unique leisure activities and make use of accommodation, food, and beverage. And it is the hospitality industry that provides a safe and enjoyable environment for patrons, which includes transportation, shelter, accommodations, food, and beverage and leisure. Furthermore, by combining all of the above with the spirit to provide a considerate and delightful service, the hospitality industry also provides guest(s) with a place to heal their tired mind, build more connections and rekindle their passion in life.

This course will provide you with essential knowledge, with an emphasis on applicable skills in marketing and sales in the hospitality industry. Learners will go through a series of experiential learning activities designed to help them discover the communication and customer relationship skills required to market and deliver excellent customer service.


After completion, learners can perform:
1. Identify Target Market / Customers and Market Segments.
2. Know how to make hot-button questions to find what customers want.
3. Creating multiple sale packages and plan how to take our package to market.
4. Develop and employ a vendor management system.
5. Creating a Sales & Marketing Campaign.
6. Building a brand.
7. Designing a sales pitch.

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