Finance & Accounting for a startup


All activities of the company are related to finance (cost, depreciation, turnover, profits, taxes …). Financial accounting is the common language of business. As a startup entrepreneur, you must provide financial accounting information to a variety of audiences, such as employees, customers, suppliers, independent auditors, bank credit officers, tax authorities, boards of directors, investors… These operations are especially important and have an unexpected impact on the existence and development of the business.

This course will provide you with the most basic concepts of capital resources in start-up, organizing and managing the finance of startup businesses, what to do when making financial plans, preparing long-term and short-term budget plans; Introduce the methodology for evaluating the project and practice your startup pricing right at the training session.


After completion, learners can perform:
1. Understand the purpose of finance & accounting and the position of financial manager in the business.
2. Know the basic tools and methods to calculate for financial planning as well as financial management.
3. Know how to assess the profitability of each business plan and choose the optimal one.
4. Know how to plan a budget for investment.

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