Bachelor of Arts in Business & Management (Tourism)


This module explores the ways in which meaning, forms, and management of tourism are being transformed in post-industrial societies. Students will investigate current social, economic and environmental conditions, and the impact these conditions have on shaping the contemporary tourism industry and its markets. Contemporary manifestations of heritage, culture, sustainability, and ethics within tourism are analysed. Particular reference is made to the emergence of niche forms of tourism. The module’s themes are considered in reference to the tourism within Bath, the SW of England region, the UK and the globe. Consideration of the visitor experience runs throughout the module.

Their course of study will include planning for tourism and information needs in the tourism decision-making process. Contemporary issues of heritage, culture, sustainability, and ethics within tourism are also analysed.


Through this pathway, students will get to know about the functions of a business and how it interrelates with Tourism Management. They will explore how organisations work, how they are managed and how they interact with the business environment.

Students can move into a number of interesting careers in Tourism and hospitality. A career in the tourism sector will straddle the space between consumers and the providers of tourism services. Job opportunities here can range from positions in tourism promotion boards and companies to travel companies, hotels, PR agencies, heritage boards and event management organisations.


IELTS 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

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